Tri Campus Games

Friendship through sport.

If you are a fan of sports and you think you are up for a challenge being an athlete, do be one of our students in the University of Nottingham Malaysia, and try out the Tri Campus Games.

Tri Campus Games is one of the annual events which is conducted by the three campuses of the University of Nottingham. Personally I am not really athletic enough to be part of this event, but I’m sure that any sporties here should make full use of the opportunity if you happened to choose this university to study. There are many types of sports involved, like frisbee, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Also, did you know? Sometimes you even get to represent Nottingham Malaysia and you can get to the UK campus and the China campus for the competition! What a way to visit those campuses.

I dont even try to experience the tri-campus games ,either be a player or a spectator. 2019 tri-campus game was held in Malaysia campus but the period is sem break for UG. So i have no chance to watch a game in tri-campus sports.

Yea, I think everyone should try it whether or not you pass the selection stage, for me, I am not lucky enough to participate in the games but I think that you could make many friends through this.