Transportation Offered in UCSI

Now you can take UCSI school bus in four bus stations. They are in South Wing, Tasik Selatan LRT Station, North Wing, and South Wing. The maps of the school bus are shown below:

Are you satisfied with the place to get on the bus? Where else do you want to get on USCI school bus? Let’s discuss together!

My friend study at UCSI. For all the while I thought the North Wing & South Wing he mean is something like Midvalley’s North Court & South Court or 1U Old Wing & New Wing… Until that day I laughed at him when he say he waited 30 mins for the shuttle bus to go from NW to SW. I said why don’t you just walk? It wouldn’t take more than 5 mins… He laughed even harder and ask me to google for the location.

Sorry bro… Google say 14 mins walking distance. So you still can walk there. :smirk: