Top 3 part-time jobs for school leavers

Are you looking for a part-time job after you have graduated from school? If not you might want to consider it. Taking a job can let you gain experience and earn money. You can use the money earned for your living or tuition fees if you plan to pursue further study. There are a variety of part-time jobs to choose from.

  1. Food delivery rider

There are some food delivery services in Malaysia such as GrabFood, foodpanda and dahmakan. This job requires you to ride a motorbike and deliver the food to customers. If you have a motorcycle license then this job can be easy for you.

  1. Barista

This job is about serving coffee or milk tea with customers. Working in a cafe can be satisfying when you attract lots of customers. However, it requires you a good communication skills and willingness to learn.

  1. Event staff

This job is suitable for beginners as it do not require experience and skill. You can make good wages in such a short time when you are working in events such as book fair, concert and product launch event.