To Go for Our Dream or Be Realistic?

Have you ever been put down on your dream? Some people would give us so-called “life advices” based on their “long time experiences”, saying things like “That’s not practical.” “That’s too risky of a choice, go for something more realistic.” or “You’ll not survive financially in that field.” Yes, we can’t deny that some academic fields do guarantee more career opportunities or even higher levels of salary. But, do we really need to take on something “safer” and totally give up on our dream? I would say no. We should all follow our dreams, but maybe with a little more planning and a look into our own capability.

I’ll share a little bit about my own scenario. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to be in the fashion field. Thus, being a fashion designer has always been my dream. However, most of my family members were against it and I’ve also received harsh comments from others like, “You’ll only earn enough penny to feed yourself.” “Anyone can do it without a degree.” and even “No, you’re not going to be successful.” I was pretty determined about it at first, but soon I realized, I had difficulties in coming up with good sketchings and drawings. Of course, I have tried hard to learn but I just simply didn’t have the ‘designer’ trait in me.

I was quite disappointed at first. Nevertheless, a thought came to me at a night. Why not I take on an alternative, something that I am good at, that could bring me to the same goal of entering the fashion field? That was how I ended up taking a degree in Branding and Advertising. First thing is that it’s a field within my area of competence. And secondly, what would fashion giants such as Burberry, Zara and Louis Vuitton be without their brands? Today, I am still pursuing this programme, and I’m all ready to keep striving towards my dream!

Never let anyone hinder your dream. Be confident in yourself, and keep moving forward towards it! Now, drop a comment below and share about your dream!