Tips to survive in universities ! (read: uum)

For all the freshman i know you all are excited to start your first day as a undergraduate! (drum-rolls). Universities life can be pretty exciting at first, but after you get to know a few things that need to be done it can be pretty exhausted! I do believe every student in any universities will apply the same standard. (read: in this context we are going to only focus on the local universities). To be honest i don’t really have a real tips to began with. But one things for sure make as many friends as you can! Don’t just stick around with the same person all over again ( if you want to get to know more people). Your carry mark is really important, take really good care of 'em! Because you will never know how is your final question will looks like isn’t it? Try to join extracurricular to expand your connection plus you get to have fun!

Hi Anis, based on your experiences, what are some of the activities freshmen can try to join?

yes they are a lot of activities going around uum for every semester. For freshman there will be Hope Days which are some sort like introducing all the clubs in uum and that is the time for the freshman to join! UUM has more than 50 clubs for the student to join. :smile: