Tips in Choosing an University

While the number of options is increasing year by year, choosing an university becomes more of a hard and bothersome decision. Yes, I do understand how it feels as I’ve gone through it too.Therefore, I am here to share some of my past experience on it.

The first thing I did was to set up the criteria. I was pretty sure that I’d like to stay with my family during my studies and travelling long distances is a no for me. Hence, distance became my main criterion of choice. Then, I start to narrow down the possible field of studies that I’d like to pursue. Business, Law and Psychology were the three fields in my list. With these in mind, I start to look through the Internet as well as education fairs to find out which universities were offering these programmes. By making several inquiries while communicating with the representatives, I marked down the universities which I deemed as good choices for each of my fields of interest.

Soon after I figured them out, I discussed with my parents and arranged visits to the universities. The ones in my mind were UCSI for Business studies, Brickfields Asia College for Law and Help University for Psychology. I was still struggling with my decision even after the visits as all of them seemed good for me. That was how I decided to apply scholarships for all the three options and make financial aid as my final criterion of choice. At last, I was offered with UCSI University Trust Scholarship and from there, I started my journey in the university.

Well, that was my story of how I made my choice of university back then. I believe I have made a good choice as I am enjoying my studies here today in UCSI. So my advice for you would be to find out what are your areas of interest and narrow down your options based your own criteria of choice. This would be a better way than screening out each and every universities available out there. :blush: