Tips for IMU Freshies ! *MUST READ*

Are you a freshie in IMU?
Or did you just registered and can’t wait to join us?
Or are you just a potential student looking around and just happen to stumble upon this post?

Eitherway, here are some tips for the fellow newcomers of IMU!
Think of this as a welcome gift!

I. First day of university? Head up to the fourth floor

My first advice to all newcomers is based on my own personal experience. I still remember my first day of class, new environment, new formal clothes, eager to meet new people as I walk in the front gate and..... wait a minute, *WHERE'S EVERYONE?!*. Isn't there suppose to be full of new students wandering around the ground floor, either talking to their old friends or standing alone awkwardly or something? Did I get the date wrong?! Nope. Nope I didn't. Due to the infrastructure of the university, the ground floor actually has the least space, which is why the first day of orientation is always held on the fourth floor of the building, where there's a hall and an auditorium to accommodate all the newcomers and their parents. Yes, I didn't know that and became nervous. Then again I saw someone else in my shoe and we became friends as we "explored" the university together !

II. Don't skip Orientation

Yeap, I know you. You think orientation is a bore, wasting hours on needless "tutorial sessions" and games & activities that are designed to make a fool of yourself. It's not even *"compulsory"*, so why bother joining? Owh but young padawan, that's exactly the point of orientation! It's for you to let go, have fun and make friends with one another! Once you started class, chances are you'll mostly be sticking to your own course mates, with the occasional friend-from-another-course-that-you-know-by-chance-or-prior-to-uni. Yes I understand that you're shy because of the new environment, but I'll let you in on a secret: *so is everyone else*. So why not take this opportunity to make new friends, build new connections with other courses, make a fresh new impression and start of the *actual* first week of class feeling a **LOT** less awkward

III. Be early or be walking

If you've ever drove to IMU you'll understand what I mean. Space has always been a preciousresource in IMU, and double so when it comes to parking spaces. With Hilltop being the only parking lot for IMU students, it's almost a certain to be fully packed unless you come in the morning *or* you're extremely lucky. If you do not wish to participate in this *"space jam"*, alternatives include buying a parking lot from Vista tenants, parking alongside the road - not advisable - and risk summons, or the just take the LRT everyday.

IV. Elevators assortments

Once you've taken your time and walked around the university, you'll see that there's at least one elevator at each floor. Cool! No need to slave up the escalator then - really? - You walk in the elevator, and then you realize you can't go up to the fourth floor, and the first floor leads you to a dead end. In all seriousness, there's actually THREE seperated lift systems in IMU, though you can only reach certain floors with certain elevators. Here's a simple breakdown of the locations of each lift system and the floors they take you to:

First system:
B2 (staff parking)
LG ( besides the cafeteria),
1st floor (postgrad only),
2nd & 3rd floor (beside the washroom)

Second system:
LG (behind the LG clinic entrance & lab),
G (behind Mad alchemy in the driveway),
1st floor (beside washroom)
4th floor (nearby the staircase)

Third system:
G (beside the clinic entrance, opposite of main entrance)
4th floor (beside the backdoor entrance to the auditorium and washroom; near the vending machines)

V. Printing services

For printing through the e-labs (3rd floor), you would need a "printing code" which is linked to your ID. You can obtain your ID by visiting the IT department (also located at 3rd floor, besides e-lab 3). Each semester your account will have RM30 for printing purposes. Note that you don't have to use the printer in the e-lab you're situated at. All printers in the e-labs + the library are connected, so you may use the computer at e-lab 2 and print using the printer of e-lab 3 if you want. If you wish to top up you may do so at RICOH printing services (1st floor).

Alternatively you can also print, photocopy or bind your projects at RICOH itself. Similarly you can bring your pendrive to the laundry shop at Vista B and have your printing, photocopying & binding done there ( yes, the laundry shop offers printing services).

VI. Recruitment Drive

Fancy joining some clubs and society but don’t know how? Not sure if IMU has any to begin with? No worries. Twice a year (generally weeks after the new intake, except for the July intake), IMU will be hosting a 2-day recruitment drive, whereby various clubs and societies will hold up a booth to recruit new blood, usually held at the drive way and atrium. Each booth will be showcasing the club’s specialty, future plans and activities, so do take this chance to join for ECA if it interests you!

VII. Student Lounge

Whether you proounce it as "lawn-ge" or "laun-ge", the student lounge is a place for all students to relax and have fun. Situated at LG, it is equipped with sofas, Astro TV, a pool table, a foosball table, and various board games (from Jenga to DIXIT) for students to enjoy (you'll have to pay a deposit first though). The board games can even be rented back ! Also situated in the lounge is the music room, the dance room (both of which requires booking), the gym and also the SRC office. So whether you have anything to deal with the SRC, or just hanging out during breaks, the lounge can be a comforting place.

VIII. The Mad Alchemy, Coffee that stares into your soul~

As if knowing that students will have countless sleepless nights (ahemassignmentsahem), The Mad Alchemy is a small coffee stall along the driveway that serves freshly brewed coffee, latte, espressos and many more. If you’re tired or just want to relax, why not just come over and get your coffee fix? There’s even tables and chairs for you to sit down and enjoy a sip, while you look at students frantically scramble for class. That IS the life.

IX. Merit Award! Get paid to get good!

… Okay fine you’re not really getting paid, but it’s almost as good!
The Merit Award is given to students who are able to achieve a high CGPA, whereby they will receive a discount of 30% off their tuition fees for the forthcoming semester. The award is given every semester, so if you’re able to maintain the good results you can technically save almost 30% off your entire tuition fees! If you’re wondering where can you apply, you need not to as the students who are eligible are automatically enlisted for the reward. Different courses have different requirements, which you may check here. However, there’s no guarantee that you will get an award even if you surpass the minimum grades required, so work hard and save some money!
p/s: I’m not sure but I’ve heard that the award can only be gotten if you achieved the required CGPA from sem 1 onwards. Do ask your lecturers regarding this for more details

X. Hidden stairway to....

Time for a story! * Ahem *
Rumour has it, that deep in the depths of the university known as IMU, lies a mysterious passage. No one truly knows where is it, or if it even actually exist, and those that do kept their vows of silence. It is said that the passage leads to a flight of stairs, leading those who dare to venture forth into the mysterious place, known only to man as… the rooftop!

“dun dun DUUUUUUUN”

Yeap, just as the rumour says, there is a hidden flight of stairs in IMU that leads to the rooftop, where you’ll get a clear view of the whole university from top. Some claimed that they’ve been up before, while others doubt their credibility. It is up for you to decide if this stairway actually exist, and if so, where… ?

Owh and it’s also illegal to trespass, so there’s that to consider too.

So those are some tips for those who will be joining the imu community :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy studying at IMU!

Also for those who are here and have some of your own tips, feel free to share them in the comments below! Cheers!


The rooftop isn’t a rumor! I’ve been there. I don’t even think it’s trespassing since the way to get there isn’t blocked off or anything. Just sneak around between classes if you’re feeling adventurous. The view is pretty great from up there.

@LegallyBronze omg where s it?!

I was told this by my seniors during my first sem, and heard a few people talking about it but none confirming it. 3 years later I STILL don’t know where is it ._.

Mind if you msg it to me? Privately if you want to keep it a secret from others that don’t know like me as well :stuck_out_tongue: (or maybe I’m the only one that didn’t know ._. )

Ahaha! This is well done. applause :'D :'D #wordstagemy