Time management; The 8-8-8 Rule

All of us gets 24 hours in a day and the way you spend your time shapes your life. In order to make good use of your time, an effective time management plan needs to be implemented. As per the 8-8-8 rule, the 24 hours can be broken down into 3 chunks of 8 hours each for;

  1. Working- You can spend 1/3 of your day working effectively by proper delegation of tasks and also ensuring its completion.
  2. Playing- After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is therefore important to allocate some time for you to unwind on a daily basis such as going to the gym, doing yoga, practicing a hobby, connecting with your family and friends and so on.
  3. Resting- We all need a good night’s sleep of about 6-8 hours for overall health and well-being. When we sleep, our body recharges itself for the next day and recovers from the day’s activities.
    As such, the 8-8-8 rule can be used to help you balance your time effectively. You will not feel time slip through your fingers merely by adapting this simple life concept.