Things that you can do during your summer break / semester break

I am currently a third year student reading economics and accounting at the eminent management university in in the country (read: UUM). That means i already gone through 2 summer break during my 2 years in university life. For public university student (read: local universities) it is a norm when the semester break hit most of the student choose to stay at home.

But, for me i am looking for something can add value and experience to help me go through my university life. For my first year of summer break (read: semester break) i spent one whole month with my enactus uum family to prep my self and my team for my first ENMC (read: enactus national malaysia cups). And yes we finally brought back the medal as first runner at the national competition. It was a tiring yet memorable experience with my enactus team.

(Enactus UUM 's presenter team)

(with the whole team)
For my second year of summer break which happened in this year, i was quite hectic since i just got back from kl after completed my summer internship with Gamuda Berhad. It was 2 months of internship (read: people called as a summer internship). It was not required by my university it was really up to me to do that kinda of internship. Where i was working with finance department, it was very stressful at first and very meaningful at the end of the period. And during that time i was involved with the kalsom movement and small changes as volunteer (i will tell about TKM and small changes in the other slot).
(One with all the kalsom facilitator)

To sum up to all my points, as a university student you need to have a way how to develop your skills. For me with joining these kind of activities/ work will add up values in my life to help me with my future!