The real reason why cafes matter to students


The importance of cafes in a student’s life is often overlooked. As a cafe is often a sanctuary for students to relax and unwind before or after a stressful day at college or university. Although any student can go to the campus library for some peace and quiet, the level of relaxation you get at a cafe is incomparable to the campus library, as the library still binds you to the principles of discipline, management, and rules. Whereas at a cafe, nuances such as the white noise of a humming coffee machine or indistinguishable idle chatter, and the smell of roasted coffee beans in the air soothe the mind and soul, which results in a more relaxed environment. This also helps boost productivity as being in a relaxed state clears the mind for better concentration and creativity. There is a saying that goes “life is a canvas, and you are the brush.” In this case, a coffee shop would represent a scene of serenity in which the artist can paint.