The real packing list

Okay, you know how to pack clothes and all, don’t you?
Here is just some reminders on stuff that you might missed.

#1 | Original high school results & certificates

Even though you might have enrolled yourself to the university via online application, it is safer if you have brought your original copies on the first day of semester. The university might wanna double check your qualification, who knows? You might need them if you wanna apply for scholarship.

#2 | Passport sized photos

Doesn’t necessarily to be many, 10~12 pieces should be fine. It’s for university’s various documentations purposes.

#3 | Bring lesser clothes

Shopping at Taiwan is actually cheaper and more convenient compared to at Malaysia. So, you can bring lesser clothes and buy new clothes here, especially the winter clothes. The winter apparel is expensive in Malaysia and most of the time the clothes you buy does not really keeping you warm enough. If your semester does not starts during winter, forget about it and buy at Taiwan instead.
ps: Online shopping at Taiwan is really convenient. You can get pay and get the packages from the nearest 7-11.

#4 | Prepare sufficient New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD)

Since Ringgit Malaysia is not acceptable at Taiwan, it’s better that you exchange it first before going abroad. Not too many though, beware of pick pockets and petty theft. If you are short of cash, just go over the nearest 7-11 store and withdraw some cash from the ATM. With your ATM card (after you’d activated “overseas ATM cash withdrawal” option before you left your country), you can withdraw up to NTD20,000 max NTD40,000 per day. However, NTD100 will be charged per transaction.

#5 | Prepare the CORRECT adapter

I believe it is hard to live without electronic devices. In order to not making that happening, you MUST buy some adapters for your laptop, camera, tablet, phone, and portable charger (a.k.a. the powerbank). Even when you planned to go back hometown, remember bringing at least one adapter so that you can use to charge your devices at Taiwan airport while waiting for your flight.

Yup. I guess that’s pretty much sums my experience studying in Taiwan. Really love the convenient online shopping experience. 7-11 is truly a convenience store. :wink: