Just now I was researching about HELP CAT and came across this event in their FB page.

:flushed::flushed::flushed: What the -beep- ??? :flushed::flushed::flushed:
Anyone going to this event? Can take video and show us?

My friend told me it is about sleep paralysis.

No live demonstration?
Plainly talk seminar???

Such an interesting topic…

huh? How come I don’t know anything about this event?

This is back~~ but now it’s two days on the weekend lol…

Who want to go??

It’s back!! This time I saw it in DSA group.

Kinda interested. especially on “learn to control your dreams”. Hahaha~ I’ll be Hermoine in my dream. :wink:

But it’s on weekend. So lazy to go college during the weekend…

Hey, this event need to pay for entrance leh…
Student price RM120.
2pm to 6pm on both days.

I tried to look them up in youtube. walao… when u know how to do lucid dream the ultimate level is to study while the body fell asleep but the soul come out learn things. Fuiyoo~~~