The Guide to Borrowing and Returning Library items

As long as you are a registered student, you are entitled to borrow any library items, which includes books, articles, and any reading material. All loan allocations are normally including a maximum of two short loan items and two audio-visual items.

To borrow anything, you must first need your university ID card to borrow items from the library. All items are subjected to early recall if let’s say someone else wishes to reserve them via the library online catalog. This means that the loan period of all items may be shortened if requested by another borrower itself.

And what you can’t miss out is that fines are payable on all items returned late, with if I’m not wrong, overdue charges are RM2 per day.

Anyways, you can borrow items with the self-service machine which is located on floor B, which is just at the entrance of the library itself.

This is how the machine looks like: