The experience of organizing a concert

Based on my personal experience, there are several parts that you need to take note before organize a concert. By doing so, you should find a suitable venue for your concert. It could be a stadium, hall or any space that can be reached easily. It is very important because people are not willing to travel so far if you are not famous enough. Furthermore, choose an appropriate date for the concert. In order to let the organizer have enough time to sell the ticket, the date should be two months earlier before the concert. Designing a ticket is one of the things that you need to put in effort. The ticket should clearly show the information of your concert such as date, time and location. Promoting the concert is the most important thing. The more you advertise the better. Since social media has play an important role in our life, you can promote on it. Making some attractive poster and post it on the social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know about the concert. Therefore, date, venue, designing and promoting are important for you to organize a concert.