The best makan / lepak place in UUM :)

If you are about to pursue your study at uum or already study there (read: just like me) there is nothing can be worry about (i means about the food). I will give my list of the best yet not-so-best restaurant around the campus, cause if you choose to study there you got no choice other than to be stuck at Sintokyo (read: mixed up from the word sintok and tokyo) for at least for 3 years and half.
coffee shop - Richiamo coffee shop

Varsity mall ( andddd yup we have our very own ‘shopping mall’) : here we have food that serve various type of food ( read: chinese, Arab, nasi berlauk, beverage,Indian food and western ).

Manager’s coffee, located in front of the UUM library (read: Sultanah Bahiyah Library)

We also have food court/ beverage place that student operated around the campus, but it iwll operate until 5pm only.

Last but not least, we do have our own residential food court (read: dewan penginapan pelajar). Here we also do have various type of food choices (read: thailand, indonesia, chinese, malay and yemen food).