"Talking spicy food"


Do you eat spicy food? :curry: …well, spicy food’s very common in Malaysia obviously. But, what are your thoughts about the health impacts of it? There’s been many discussions recently regarding the health impacts of it, since chilly peppers contain many important nutrition such as vitamin C and a bevy of other antioxidants. Moreover, in one study people eating spicy food everyday reduced their risk of dying by 14%.
So what do you make of it?


###Spicy = torture to tongue + burn stomach + horrible diarrhea

Nope. The only spiciness I can tolerate is Japanese curry. That’s the maximum.
ermm… and probably sambal that is not spicy at all. :stuck_out_tongue: I love sweet sambal.

"*I love Japanese curry so much that I feel like bathing in it*"


Here’s a very interesting article on the subject. All things you may want to know about spicy food and chili.


I can’t take spicy food at all :frowning: any ideas to overcome it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, bro. But I guess some like it hot (it sounds like an old movie title…haha) I think it’s an addiction for some people who want spicy food.


@MarcusLiaw Not sure regarding chili pepper, though I know you can take an alternative method on black pepper. I think you can take Piperine which is extracted from fruit of black pepper. Many nutritional supplements are now packed with Piperine.


@Jake hahaha nice one bro :stuck_out_tongue:
@rmn_t Is it spicy? ><


Does anyone know why in many countries people only eat spicy food? I mean there are not a lot of benefits in eating spicy food, but in some countreis it’s just unimaginative to think how much spicy food people eat


That’s the true meaning of a masochistic pleasure as far as food’s concerned. Now research indicates that the spice may make our lives longer.


I dont like spicy food at all.


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