Take your next level of education to Educity

If you have just finished high school, I could assure you the next thing that you are looking forward to is considering your tertiary education. Why worry when you can take a look at Educity that provides first-class facilities in an education hub? They have well-awarding universities for almost every related field of study. Namely, Raffles University Iskandar, Newcastle University Medicine, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology and many more. Besides, Educity’s development has more than just education. It caters to various needs for students like the sports complex, which has a main stadium as well. On top of that, this place consists of all outdoor and indoor courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool, gyms and other additional classes. For those who aren’t living around that area, many accommodations have been provided. For one, a Student Village with a 12 storey apartment accommodating more than 500 students with free shuttle buses too. There’s also the Anjung Neighbourhood Centre, a mall, with many retail outlets and a food court serving flavoursome dishes. Considering all these, Educity seems to be the perfect choice for students to pursue their higher studies.