Symbolism for Chinese New Year

There are a couple of symbolisms in Chinese in new year, Chinese are very superstitious depending on the history. During the Chinese New Year there are a couple of activities that are must to do and activities that mustn’t do. All the activities are all symbolism of good fortune, bad fortune, good luck, bad luck for the entire year.

The most well known activity that we shouldn’t do touch nor do during the Chinese New Year and it is sweeping the floor. Sweeping the floor during Chinese New Year is symbol of sweeping away your luck or fortune. Besides that cleaning the house prior before Chinese New Year is a must, because for chinese we believed in cleaning all the past away and invite a fresh start. This is a symbol of cleaning away the bad luck that we had during the past year and start afresh. Other than that, red also means goodluck it is the fire element basically angpao is like passing luck. Lastly, lion dance symbolizes chasing away evil and bringing good fortune as a kickstarter of the year.