Studying Culinary - The Road That's Less Taken

Being a science student that further studies about Culinary, many people doesn’t understand the reason behind. It’s actually not complicated though.

“I enjoy the process of cooking, eating, as well as discovering the ways to preparing healthy food”.

It is common that people tend to neglect the importance of having a healthy meal. We always take for granted that food can easily been bought from restaurant as long as we earn enough money. So, we are more focus on working to earn and then spend a lot on supplementaries, expensive “healthy” food, gym subscription, and medical bills.

Why not just focu on eating healthy at the first place. Doesn’t necessarily has to spend a lot, but at least understand the nutrition value and prepare the correct way for us to maintain healthy.

If you were attending culinary course, you will know the proper way and exact ingredient of preparing the meal. Then you would eventually found out that the food at most restaurant is nothing but MSG, chiken stock, oil, and flavoring. Yet you are paying A LOT for them.

Actually Culinary is not always about cooking, we learn accounting, kitchen design, kitchen and hygiene management, cuisine and restaurant operations, food and beverage cost control, etc. Everything that prepare you enough to open your own restaurant in the future.

Despite that, we have practical classes that train us to work in a team and serve real customers. It train us to supervise, at the same time, working as a team.

People around me always says that climbing the organization ladder through kitchen is never been harder. However, the main concern of me is not about earning a lot of money, it is a responsibility that I’ve towards my family’s health. I believe the courses that I’m learning is enough to get me a position in a hotel or pursuing something in line with food.

and before you ask. We do have exams and we study hard for them.

Hey, you are really serious in knowing what you gonna do in your life.
Just continue to pursue it without letting other’s judgment influence your decision. It’s your life anyway.
(and really rare that science students going into that course.)

Go take major in culinary art
few minutes later microwave explode :cry: not exactly true lah but i suck at using my hand for cooking

I love to eat but this may not be for me.