Study Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few study tips from someone who may experience studying an entire semester of stuff within a day or two.

First off, if you’re aiming for a pass or even for flying colors, I think that revising lecture notes and training on the exercises (tutorials) given are more than sufficient. Most of the time, 60-80% of the examination content comprised of the exercises that you have done. Just maybe a different way of asking or different parameters. Sometimes, the test material may be just entirely from the lecture notes itself, and that is where you really need to hardcore memorize and understand the content.

Secondly, the professors and lecturers are there for you!! I think that most students may misunderstand that studying for the exam is entirely on you and you may feel helpless at some times. Ask your friend? They may be unsure too since you guys are just students embracing the module for the first time! This is when I think you should have established a relationship with your lecturers and ask for their guidance and help. I mean, if they are the ones who will be preparing your papers, aren’t they the best people you can ask for help as well?

Next up, do not prepare everything at the very last minute. I have seen people who have done it and I have done it for one of my subjects as well. It will be your doom because often you will feel burnt out and have negative thoughts. You will panic. And that is a big no-no, especially when the exams are just tomorrow. Guess what? The modules in your course are bearable when you think about it, it just depends how well-prepared you are for the subjects. Plan ahead!

I agree on the part where you should just ask when you have no idea where you are, don’t just act smart.