Study smarter, not harder!

Believe it or not, I have always been a straight A student. To be honest I do not spend the entire day studying as many people may think but instead I do the following;

  1. Understand your material instead of just memorizing them ensures that you can answer any question on that particular topic.
  2. Teaching someone else helps deepen your understanding about difficult concepts as you are forced to express the information gained while studying in your own words
  3. Take breaks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with too much information and your brain has enough time to absorb the new materials.
  4. Review your study material on a regular basis to help your brain store the information in long-term memory.
  5. Join a study group to tackle past papers where everyone can share their views and opinions on that particular topic making study more fun and less boring.

My motto is “Study smarter, not harder!”


Great advice!:slight_smile:

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