Study Room - Vetro

There are 2 Vetro Rooms which are located in the F3 building, which is the green building which is located very close to the libraries on campus. These are study rooms which are quite special because they are accessible with your student IDs for 24 hours.

This means that if you are one of the all-nighters and wish to study outside of your room, Vetro would be your best bet. However, please be sure that you obey the rules stated there, no food and drinks, please! The other students would want to use the same room as well.

The surprising thing is that the Vetro Rooms are very unlikely to be crowded, unlike the other study spaces. This makes it better if you prefer a public space with fewer people to study along.
Close to the Vetro Rooms, there are vending machines available, so if you are craving for some snacks, you could just step outside of the room and have some snacks to boost yourself.