Student Hostels in UM

My friend and I are planning to further our studies here. I heard from my friends who previously studied here that accommodation (student hostels) are automatically provided for first year students. Any idea if we get to choose our roommates? Or are people just placed randomly into these hostels?

Hey @golfguava, where are you from and what level of study? Universiti Malaya has a lot of options for student accommodations, there are 13 hostels available, 10 of them available for Malaysian students and the remaining for international students.

What you can do is to sign up here->, and the admin of UM will help you get matched with students, usually they would just ask you what is your religion, nationality and what year you are. Most of the time, they do the matching with religion as some students are very conservative. For international students, they are mostly paired in house 10 and 12.


@golfguava if the hostel in UM are full. Pantai hillpark is actually a nice place to stay, lots of UM students stayed there because the UM buses (Free aahh) are stopping by there. Food and other amenities are easily found also.

Look at the swimming pool, not bad ehh?hehehe…


Hey I stay at Pantai Hillpark! The pictures are so deceiving :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I stayed in the hostel at university but I didn’t like it there.

I stay in PHP, though I’m not UM student. I quite love its way of designing common area (tree, garden, pool).

Before, there live a honeybee hive in one of the trees, but the condo manager remove it :’(