Student Exchange Programme

The University of Nottingham Malaysia offers inter-campus exchange programmes for students who have completed at least one year of their degree study at the Malaysia Campus. To be eligible for this programme, the student is normally required to exceed a minimum of 55% to get into this scheme.
Students who are studying at the University of Nottingham Malaysia can apply to study at our overseas campuses in China and the UK for a period of one semester or one academic year through the Inter-campus Exchange Programme. This would be depending on your course of study though.

But, but, do take note that choosing to study abroad is a big decision, before you take the plunge, be sure to attend the exchange programme information session. Besides, do consider your exchange options, please refer to study abroad opportunities by school.

There are also the pros and cons of participating in these student exchange programmes in my opinion. First, it is really worth experiencing the education conducted by other campuses, and I find this opportunity very rare and worth going for. Let’s not forget that you also be able to have the chance to broaden your horizons at the different cultures they have.

But, do take note that although exchange programmes only require you to pay the host’s tuition fee (Malaysian campus fees), you have to be responsible on your funding on accommodation and food there, which means that there is an expense which is needed in that aspect.

Nonetheless, I think that every university student should consider well if they would like to experience being part of the student exchange programme.

The picture above is the main campus of the University of Nottingham in the UK.


And right here, we have our newest campus in China!

I have went to try out the Student Exchange in UK and i think that although you only have to pay the host tuition fees, the living expense is really expensive so you shuld really try to cook for your meals.

I think the China campus is still new, so there are many facilities not really well built yet, I would recommend exchanging to the UK campus.

very great programme