Student Council at Taylor's Uni

Student Council in Taylor’s Univeristy is proactive in making sure that the management hears the voice of the students. So how is your experience with student councils from your university? Do share :smiley:

Hey @MarcusLiaw, other than being the bridge between students and the administration, what does the Student Council do at Taylor’s? I’d imagine it organizes events and such? What were the top 3 events in 2015?

Hi @Nurbek, yes they do organise events. The coming event is a Christmas party in campus a week before Christmas itself. One of their main events is “The Voice”, not the talent show but this event is for students to voice out their opinions about the university. One of the most unexpected thing they did was to rent a bounce castle for students to unwind, which really brought back our childhood memories. Here is the link to their Facebook for more pictures.

Looks like the campus is quite happening! You should write more about life at Taylor’s U. I’m sure it’ll be very interesting and useful for SPM students!

@Nurbek Definitely. But I will have to survive through assignment week first before I can do that :frowning: