Student Association in UTM

Over 100 student-run clubs, run activities, events, competitions, productions, get- together, seminars, camps, conferences and more, for over 10,000 student members.

Clubs and Societies aims to foster student participation in clubs, facilitate the activities and administration of clubs, provide financial and administrative support to clubs and liaise between clubs, and the University.

This is a great chance for you to see all of our clubs in action, make new friends and really experience the culture on campus.
It’s not just all about study. There is a club for everyone. So really experience your time at UTM and get involved!


  1. Leadership Organizations

-Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar

  1. Academic Organizations

-Persatuan Sains dan Teknologi (PESAT)
-Persatuan Seni Bina (ARCHITECH)
-Persatuan Pengurusan Harta Benda dan Penilaian (PEHARTA)
-Persatuan Mahasiswa Ukur Bahan (QS-BINA)
-Persatuan Pelajar Kejuruteraan Jentera (PETERA)
-Persatuan Pengurusan Teknologi (STRATEGI)
-Persatuan Pelajar Kejuruteraan Awam (PEKA)
-Persatuan Kejuruteraan Kimia dan Kejuruteraan Sumber Asli (PPKK)
-Persatuan Pelajar Kejuruteraan Gas (GESS)
-Persatuan Pelajar Kejuruteraan Elektrik (JURUTEK)
-Persatuan Sains Komputer (PERSAKA)
-Persatuan Pendidikan (PENDIDIK)
-Persatuan Perancangan Bandar dan Wilayah (PEWIBAWA)
-Persatuan Mahasiswa Ukur Tanah (PEMETA)
-Persatuan Teknologi Marin (TEKNOMARIN)
-Kelab Kaji Terbang (AERO)
-Kelab Pengurusan Tanah (LADS)
-Kelab Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (SMART)
-Kelab Geoinformatik (GEOINFO)
-FSKSM Postgraduate Students Society

  1. Non-Academic Organizations

-Kelab Bahasa Inggeris (ELC)
-Kelab Usahawan (KU-UTM)
-Kelab Debat dan Pidato (De’Pikir)
-Kelab Rekreasi Mahasiswa (SRC-UTM)
-Kelab Kelana Siswa (KELANA)
-Kelab Iqra’
-Kelab Kaunseling dan Kerjaya (KKDK)
-Kelab Pemadam
-Kelab Perpaduan

  1. Religion Organizations

-Persatuan Mahasiswa Hindu (PMH-UTM)
-Persatuan Mahasiswa Buddha (PMB-UTM)
-Ikatan Kristian (IK-UTM)
-Persatuan Mahasiswa Sikh (PMSUTM)
-Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam (PMI-UTM)

  1. Student Chapter

-Student Chapter Institut Jurutera Malaysia (IEM-UTM)
-Student Chapter AIESEC (AIESEC-UTM)
-Student Chapter Institut of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE-UTM)
-Student Chapter Automotive Technology (AUTECH-UTM)
-Student Chapter Automotive Engineering (SAE-UTM)
-Student Chapter Industrial Design (ID-UTM)
-Student Chapter Petroleum Engineering (SPE-UTM)
-Student Chapter Manufacturing Engineering (SME-UTM)
-Student Chapter Golden Key Honour Society (GKHS-UTM)

There are many clubs and societies that you can join in UTM. For me, i joined the Student Chapter Petroleum Engineering ( SPE UTM) because SPE has organized many interesting event through the year. The club also has given many awards. The club does not for petroleum students only, others background of studies also can join. It has a lot benefits as you can be the member of Society of Petroleum Engineer.