Steps for Study Application in the University of Nottingham Malaysia


If you have come to an interest to study at this university, here are the steps for the admission of studies in this university.

First of all, the University of Nottingham Malaysia charges an application fee for all of its courses, which applies no matter you apply it via paper or online applications, with an RM100 for Malaysian applicants and RM200 for international applicants.

It is also important to know that the applicant should be at least 18 years of age to admit into this university, or else you would have to fill in the compulsory under 18 consent form to advance your application.

After paying your application fees via online through the Online Admissions Application Portal (MyNottingham) or completing via the paper application, an acknowledgment email will be sent to applicants upon receipt.

Successful applicants will then receive a notification through email and will gain access to MyNottingham to download the offer letter. A copy of the offer letter, exam results, and visa or scholarship application purposes will be needed for registration.

Then, the offer holders will then be given a four-week deadline to accept the offer and pay the tuition fees deposit of RM1000 for Malaysian offer holders or RM2000 for international offer holders through MyNottingham.

Then all you need to do left is to register yourself in the university upon the Registration Day and go through the online and in-person registration process to be an official student here.

Thanks for the detailed explanation on this, now my friends wouldn’t need to spam me on this haha