Staying in hostels/on-campus vs off-campus

I am currently an international student at INTI International university Nilai. I have been studying at INTI IU for 2 years now and I have stayed in hostels for 14 months before moving to Starz Valley which is situated right next to hostels.

The main reasons why I moved from hostels to a studio apartment are to;

  1. Save money on food because only light cooking was allowed in hostels and the room I had didn’t have a fridge. So, I could only cook after a trip to the grocery store. In addition to that, I couldn’t store the extra food for another meal which defeats the purpose of saving money if the food was wasted.

  2. Get a place for my relatives to stay when they come to visit me. Given that I’m an international student, accommodation was a bit problematic when my family came to Malaysia for one month. Renting a hotel would have costed a lot so I rented my friend’s apartment during that time and decided to move out and get an apartment of my own to avoid this issue in the future.

  3. Invite friends over since it was a hassle to fill up forms at the hostels each time a friend would come to visit me. Also, no sleepovers were allowed and visitors are not allowed to come after a certain time.

  4. Practice my hobbies including gardening and fish keeping. In my apartment, I have over 20 flower pots on my balcony while in hostels I could only keep one Aloe Vera. Likewise, I now have a 30L aquarium opposed to a small fish bowl I had in hostels.
    My aquarium

    Some of my potted plants