Staying far from home? Find Accommodation near IMU!

Planning to study at IMU but can’t find a place to stay? Travelling back and forth too much of a hassle and tIme wasting?

Here’s a general compilation of the accommodation options nearby IMU !

Generally there are 2 options when looking for accommodation:
either look for accommodation yourself or use the IMU accommodation service.

IMU Accommodation Service

The IMU accommodation service is located at Vista Komanwel or Covillea (Bukit Jalil). All condominiums are within easy walking distance of all teaching and research facilities in IMU Bukit Jalil. More info on the individual condos available below.

Do note that this option is designed as individual condominium for students to share, so you’ll have to either find friends to share the condominium together or don’t mind sharing with other students.

There are two types of accommodation:

Type A – Individual condominium with 3 bedrooms (approximately 1,200 square feet). Type A accommodation have internet access but NO AIR CONDITIONING is provided in the condominium. Cleaning services will be provided once a month.

Type B – Individual condominium with 3 bedrooms (approximately 1,200 square feet). Type B accommodation is fully furnished with air conditioning in all rooms, single occupancy only, with internet access, TV, washing machine, induction cooker, oven toaster and cleaning services (twice a month).

Each accommodation unit comes fully furnished with a refrigerator, microwave oven, jug kettle and kitchen cabinet, study table and chair, bookcase, single bed, mattress, 6-seater dining table, 2.5-seater lounge set, coffee table, 2-door wardrobe, curtains, ceiling fan in all rooms including living and dining area. Internet facilities are also available should you request it.

[The pricing & details for the accommodation are available here.][1]

Self- Accommodation

If you're not looking to rent a whole apartment but only 1 room, or just want to look for your own accommodation, here are a few condominium options available for you

Vista Komanwel (A, B or C)

Similar to the IMU accommodation service mentioned above, you can also look for accommodation at Vista yourself. There are a total of 3 vistas for choosing: Vista B is located right opposite the university building; Vista C is across the street (most vendors sell food near vista C); and Vista A is the furthest away from university. Each apartment has 3 bedrooms, and is approximately 1200 sq feet.

The pricing on rooms in Vista depends on the type of room, whether it’s furnished or not, as well as on the renters themselves. Typically a room would cost an average of RM500 - RM600 per month. Renting a whole apartment also come with 1 parking slot.

In terms of convenience, Vista Komanwel is located within a 10-minute walking distance to Sri Petaling LRT station, and is connected to the Lebuhraya KL- Seremban as well as the KESAS high way. Other facilities include a mini-mart, a swimming pool, children’s playground, a gym, badminton courts (only in Vista C), a nursery, cafe (Vista B) and laundry services.

Savanna Condominiums

Located in Bukit Jalil and within walking distance *(though further than Vista C)* from IMU is the Savanna Condominiums.

Each apartment comes with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as 3 parking slots. Each unit is approximately 1211 sq feet to 1281 sq feet.

The pricing depends on which Savanna condo you’re looking for, with Savanna A being the cheapest at approximately RM 2k (unfurnished) to RM 3k (fully furnished). Savanna B is approximately RM200 to RM500 more, whereas Savanna 2 is approximately 3k per unit (unfurnished) as it is a high class condominium.

Facilities in Savanna include a clubhouse, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fully equipped gymnasium, BBQ fascilities, tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, multipurpose hard court, children’s playground a mini mart, restaurant, laundry services and internet services if needed.

[For more info you may visit their page here.][3]

Covillea Bukit Jalil

Located between Savanna and Vista B Covillea is also within walking distance to IMU. Each unit is about 1300 sq feet, and is equipped with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 parking slots.

Pricing for Covillea is similar to Savanna, at approximately RM3.1k for a fully furnished unit.

Fascilities in Covillea include a gymnasium, barbecue area, business centre, cafeteria, clubhouse, Jacuzzi, jogging track, mini market, nursery, playground, salon, sauna, squash court, swimming pool, wading pool and tennis court.

So there you have it !

The three condos near IMU for your accommodation convenience. For those who are current staying at these places, feel free to chip in on your experience, as well as correct any mistakes if you seen any.

Hopefully this info provides a general overview of the accommodation options for future students studying at IMU.

Cheers ! :smiley:

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Oh yeah, usually students from APU and IMU would stay here - this is actually the place where we go and make homework too haha. Funny coz these places in real life don’t look as nice, oops, sorry just my opinion :smiley:

Savanna is I think is the most decent and one of the nearest to IMU, not bad la but very expense for students like me, good thing I drive to school.

See the struggles of students in IMU. People think we are rich staying here but fact is, we are very poor one!!!