SPM Leavers To Do List


i think most of us had different experience once the stressing examinations are over.

so yea what are some things you gotta do when its time to walk out from school.
In my case I was really relax and didn’t find the need to get a part-time job(sincerely regret it now)
Here are some self proclaimed things you should do after SPM.

1.Part-time job :moneybag:
-Earn $$
-Gain experience
-a reason so your parents don’t kick you out of the house for being a lazy-ass

2.Attend Education Fairs :books:
-obviously since you need to pick the right university
-It’s a good way to ask personally on courses you might be really interested in (still searching for game designing course)
-Try Easyuni.com(shameless advert :kissing: )

3.Driving License :red_car:
-driving a car is cool unless you’re drunk then don’t :scream:
-just survive a theory test and ace the actual obstacle course, you’re good to go
-come on guys picking up a girl for a date is kinda romantic :smirk:

4.PARTAAAAAY :beers:
-Who doesn’t like to get their asses down on the floor and show some moves, as long as you don’t slip on your champagne
-If you’re not into working or very well off with cash why not enjoy it once in a while
-Do be careful of assholes so go in groups at least
-NO DRUNK DRIVING (get a taxi for god sake)

5.Charity/ Voluntary work :fork_and_knife: :wolf:
-Help others
-Be good and happy

6.Take a vacation :airplane:
-rest your head and bones
-Go on an overseas or local trip to relax
-All Rest, No stress

7.STUDY AND PARTY WUT? ._. :book: :tada:
-start uni and meet new people
-(o w o)

8.Internship :office:
-good to have hands-on experience in the working world
-chance to be part of a vibrant and dynamic group of people

9.Working out/ GYM :muscle: :punch:
-Improve your health and looks
-For guys well girls like macho men so good enough reason?
-For girls one way to lose weight and gain some muscle in case asshole picks on you :fist:

I’m sure there’s more so what do you all think for a SPM leaver to-do list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ll add your ideas to the list :kissing:

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All very good but if i want to add :grin:
it would be my experience in doing charity work or volunteering for animal shelters or soup kitchen events.

The times there I have made good friends with the volunteering community and even adopted a puppy back home. Puppy named it Husky :dog:
Helping others would make you feel good so i say if you get the chance go for it.


My focus memang on driving license

sometimes you cant rely on public transport so able to drive could be very useful
I like the dating idea haha if only i have gf

5.Go holiday
we all need a day to go holiday with friend or family
I went travelling with my group of friends to Bali, very relaxing
Since examinations all stress out you won’t regret after a day out for vacation.


Option 6: Combination of Study and Partayyyyy.
Meet more friends in uni and party together. :laughing:


Be an otaku and finish off all the animes, play all the games, :muscle:
Just kidding. :black_joker:
Take up some courses while waiting for result. There are some free online courses available. Just Google it!

I’m interested in Japanese Language course in KL. Any recommendation? :smiley:


How about getting an internship? With so many cool startups coming up in Malaysia, it’s a good chance to get some cool experience in a hot startup. You get to learn, be part of a vibrant and dynamic group of people, plus, since it’s a startup, you’ll probably easily access and connect with senior people in the team - from the Head of Marketing, to the CTO, right up to the CEO even! I took a couple of internships before mainly in startups - while the nature of the work can be boring (data entry, ugh!), but the people and dynamic environment was a great experience for me!


sleep, eat, sleep, eat… become a pig LOL :pig: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey, I am not sure what to go after SPM. Mind to share what is your next plan? Anyone gonna study overseas and may I know why?


I’m still busy with my clubs you know, coz I am quite dedicated to it. So I have no plans.
Probably just hang out with my friends in the mean time and also I am trying to secure a scholarship in Europe. Hopefully I get it! :sweat_smile:


My dad told me that I still have to take the Unified Examination Certificate because I still don’t know what to take for University. I heard it is memang tough, anyone who can confirm this?
Any Chinese educated in this post?


hi @Asian_Scott,

UEC no same like STPM meh? if you still dunno what to study but take UEC, later u also still not sure ma what to study for degree?

i think ah… u better take foundation la, just 1 year nia. during foundation you will study like uni student leh then ah from there you can decide which course you like the most.hehe. after that only u choose your degree lor… i feel this way better la coz no need study so much then end up oso dunno what to study


Damn tough! Good luck :imp: :japanese_ogre:


@Asian_Scott sini sini :hand:

It is memang tough if you suddenly change from government school to chinese independant school. Maybe have to stay one year Form 5 somemore. The science and maths are really kisiao one. Eventhough there are English papers to take for science and maths, but since it seems like there is no english version textbook to study. So you might wanna think twice if you are from government school.

Why not take A-Level or STPM instead? Your result all ok arr?


woah this is surprisingly alot of comments lol

I edited my main post slightly adding in your suggestions
Thanks you guys for the contribution though i did notice some other discussion is taking place as well :smile:


With that much time, exercise should be on the list.
guys like us workout all the time :smirk:

Go gym lah you people lol Be buff and get the ladies. :wink:


@chileaneach No money arr~~ gym subsciption quite expensive lar… u got any suggestion?

btw… the meme with tat words and spongebob that face… i kno wat u did thr~ :smirk:
balance bro, don’t lar later ur right arm is stronger than ur left arm. :muscle:


@Sheepy you understand my term good haha
If no money for the gym
get your college/uni subscription I’m sure it usually provided for students or discounts
if no have then at home near your local park good way to start :runner:

doesn’t have to be like “Big Loser” Tv series, go run, jog and exercise with the equipment on the park side should be enough around 15-30 mins daily/once a week. :thumbsup:
Lose weight and be healthy good for soul.


@lemurdrizzle Europe? cool~
Which uni are you applying to? :smile:


Yeah la, better take part time. I did the customer service work for a calling center, they pay good money you know :star2:
But of course la, coz I like to talk and I would say my English not very bad oso, so this is not for everyone but if you have good English, then try. It gives good bucks :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:


@starlingfurbelow Yeah agreed! Call centres pay pretty well, only thing you’d have to do shifts, and graveyard (midnight) shifts can be tiring, but it’s okay cuz calls are less during that time too.