Some of the Interesting Facts about USM

Penang is well known as an eco-friendly town. Polystyrene are strictly banned in USM as well as the whole Penang. So get used to bring along your food container for tapao and recycled-bag for grocery shopping~

What are some other facts about USM?

Universiti Sains Malaysia - The University in a Garden

The University in a Garden concept as conceptualised by USM in 2001-02 is designed to depict the close affinity between the role and function of the University as an institution of higher learning and nature as part of the global ecological setting. The flora, fauna, aquatic elements and other natural creations are dynamically linked in the exploration of knowledge into the nature of existence. The concept is an invitation to value, preserve and nurture the campus ambient as part of the efforts to create and sustain an intellectually conducive setting in order to kindle the spirit and practice of symbiotic co-existence. It is about touching the hearts and minds of each campus citizenry in the appreciative of the natural surroundings as a source of inspiration as bequeathed to us by the Creator.

So as to raise the awareness of all parties about these efforts, various elements were accorded specific attention. This includes the existing philosophy of development, taking into consideration the prevailing natural beauty such as the lakes and its tranquil surroundings as well as the inhabitants, the inter-relationship with design and architectural features, and also lifestyles of the campus community. This noble effort has generated a number of discussions, participations and activities that are infused with humanistic values and empathy. USM has indeed created an exemplary and enviable new metaphor of a garden university. This is taking into account a harmonious blend of various vista in the search for answers to further illuminate the questions of - who we are, how we attained insights, and how we should fashion our future survival.