Some of the Facilities in USM

This is a list of few common facilities:

  1. The Library
  2. The lecturer theaters
  3. Meeting rooms
  4. Pusat Sejahtera provides free body check to students/staffs anytime. If there is in need of any medications, amount under RM60 has been included in the fees. So, you have to pay if it exceed that limit.

What are some of the condition that you have to fulfill before using the facilities? Did I miss something

A) Service Centres available in Universiti Sains Malaysia

  1. Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia
  2. Centre for Knowledge, Communication & Technology
  3. Cultural Centre
  4. Hamdan Tahir Library
  5. Hamzah Sendut Library
  6. Islamic Centre
  7. Museum & Gallery Tuanku Fauziah
  8. USM Press
  9. Technical Facilities Centre
  10. Centre for Language and Translation

B) Academic Facilities & Resources
The facilities that USM provides for its students are delineated below:

  • An impressive Museum filled with world-class displays & a state-of-the-art
  • Art Gallery with fine art pieces.
  • Lecture theatre and halls to facilitate classroom learning and teaching.
  • Banks, bookshop, pharmacy, a post office and retail outlet to cater to the needs of students
  • Anoutstanding research library of over one million items and an extensive network of electronic databases and internet access.
  • Students’ residences that accommodate their stay on campus.
  • Sport Centre that is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities that caters to students’ sporting events and games.
  • Warm and cozy cafeterias, as well as well-designed pavilions