Should I travel to the UK to get a foreign degree?

IUMW provides “Dual Degree” award where students will get a chance
to have two different degree, one from IUMW another from Uni of Wales.

You can complete the degree from here or you can go to Wales to complete it.
So what do you think? Should you go to Wales or not?

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“Dual Degree” ! sound interesting!. is it free?

Its not free of cost, The fees in added with the tution fees. Still very low cost

This is interesting as I have not hear of this before. Are there benefits of having a dual certification?

Yes Ina, Of course!

Dual certification means your degree is authorized in both universities, in this case, both countries!
So if you do your dual degree here at IUMW, your degree will be authorized in UK also.
Authorized by “University of Malaya” and “University of Wales”.
You can easily apply for masters or Job with this degree because you have a certificate from UK.
This will also increase your resume value. You can also go to Wales to complete this dual award both in degree and masters level.

Thank you

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It’s indeed really interesting… I just checked their website to see if there’s any relevant course I can take for my master, however there’s no any.
Here’s what they offer:

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What are the fees like per semester? And would the fees increase in Wales, or would it be the same as in Malaysia? Some dual degrees have a flat rate of tuition fees, no matter where you study at (Malaysian or overseas campus). Just curious if that is the case here.

Sidenote: Of course there is a need to take into account living expenses as well.