Should I take Malaysian Matrikulasi/Matriculation?

Matrikulasi or Matriculation is a pre-university programme offered by Malaysian government schools. It is considered among the easiest pre-university programmes in the country as it is flexible and adjusts to students’ learning pace. Note that majority (about 90%) of the seats is allocated to bumiputera with the rest to non-bumiputera.

Why is it flexible?
Matrikulasi comes in two forms - Program Satu Tahun (PST) and Program Dua Tahun (PDT). PST intake is in April while PDT intake begins in May. In PDT, subjects are stretched across 2 years whereas in PST, the subjects are taught within one year. PDT enables the slightly weaker students to be able to complete their course. PDT is only offered to bumiputera students.

Where can you study with a matriculation qualification?
This pre-u programme is most suitable for students planning to study in Malaysian public universities. There are a few institutions abroad that recognise matriculation.

United Kingdom
University of York
University of Birmingham
University of Surrey
University of Nottingham
King’s College London
University of Manchester
University of Southampton

Universitas Sumatera
Utara Universitas Andalas
Universitas Airlanga
Universitas Gadjah Mada

Australia & New Zealand
University of New South Wales
University of Auckland
Univeristy of Wellington

If your plan is to study overseas, better take A levels or ADTP/ATP (American Degree Transfer Programme).

How to apply?
Form 5 students need to register through the MoE website. This registration announcement usually happens from July to October and is announced in major newspapers or education portals. Registration is done online and results will be announced on April the next year. Those who were not offered matriculation can make an appeal/rayuan online. In this case, Form 6 or STPM is offered to unsuccessful applicants.

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I am an ex-Matriculation student, in fact the picture was taken in my Matriculation in Negeri Sembilan.

Malaysian Matriculation is quite similar to taking Foundation in terms of the study period which is 1 year but all in all it is equivalent to taking a Diploma of 2 1/2 years squeezed into a year. Nevertheless, Matriculation programs are a bit risky if you are not willing to work hard but if you are willing to work hard to skip 1 1/2 years then go for it. Matriculation is a shortcut to Degree.

You can take malaysian matriculation if youre interested with it. Otherwise, you can further your study at Form 6.