Should Boys Wear Make-Up?


Since decades ago, it has been a strong stereotype that makeup is strictly only for women and is considered a feminine trait. If you think about what makeup is for, it is pretty much gender-neutral. Is it to look presentable? Is it to artistically express yourself? All those reasons, even if it is solely just too look pretty, why can’t men partake in such harmless activity? One of the main reasons that I personally realized is that, the majority of boys grew up learning that caring about their skin or face, is considered unnecessary and negligible. For example, I asked all the males in my class what their morning skincare routine is, and all of them seem to just shake their head claiming that they only “wash” their faces. Some also claim that makeup might affect their masculinity and how they would feel publicly humiliated. This toxic masculine mindset needs to slowly famish and we need to remind boys, who even aren’t feminine, that makeup is okay for them to use.

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