Setel App made refuelling easy?

People keep on saying that it is inconvenient to queue to pay for fuel while our passengers especially childrens stays in the car for quite a while. And there is an application for easier refuelling calles Setel. Do anyone knows about that?

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not quite familiar with the app. is it new?

Yes, I knew about this application last year and download it. But at that time I was hesitant to use it because no one in community talk about it. :sweat_smile::rofl:

No laa… This app has been around since the end of 2018. The SETEL apps is launched but a lot of people are still unaware of its existence.

It is easy to make petrol purchases just in the Setel application without having to go to the counter to pay. Just click only guys

It’s actually already exist on 2018, but recently they expand their service to nationwide inside Malaysia

Because last time it only available within Klang valley only, but recently they expanding their service so that all petronas can use the app not limited to Klang valley only

Oh, how to work when we use this apps?? is this similar like Touch n go right??

Ya, because i first time know this apps, because for me always pay at the counter.

Thought the app only available around klang valley?

It already expanding their service within Malaysia so you can use it not limited around Klang valley only

hmmm tak tahu pulak ada app mcm tu. baru ada ke?

how to use this app? susah ke?

Already about 2 years in the market now. Safer for woman also, but need to use the app inside the car only, so easy