Scholarships Matter

Personally, I did receive the High Achievers Scholarship when I started studying here and I managed to receive a 25% reduction of tuition fees.

There are also financial assistances which are available, normally from the JPA Bursary and Hardship Funds. However, so far, I only heard of my friends who received the JPA deal, where you need to get at least 9A+ for SPM.

Then every year, you would get to have a chance to enter Dean’s List by performing well in your academics (be the top 10% in your batch). By doing so, you can get a 25% reduction in tuition fees as well. Yea, not complaining but I still think that 25% reduction is still a little.

I have friends who also applied to many external scholarships instead of what the university provided because the discount they provide is low although those external ones are bonded. Depending on your degree of studies, you can bond to a company who can pay for your tuition fees in exchange of your few years of working for the company.

I think this should belong to this thread too, but every undergraduate student should actually consider getting the PTPTN loan, the discount rate depends on your family’s financial background.

With my bad results i dont think i can get in Dean lists to get a 25% off discount in my tuition fees. So outside scholarships are my only hopes