Robot vacuum for students

I saw some students not paying attention on cleaning. Do robot vacuum useful for students own rent house? Is it okay or not? What is your opinion?

For me, rather than spend our valuable free time using old-school vacuum cleaners in today’s modern rental properties, take advantage of today’s modern marvels and let the robot do the work for you.

But, do robot vacuums use a lot of electricity?

That’s great, it will not be a burden for me to pay more electricity bill, can’t waitt try the technology 5G lah, when it start to launch in the market?

Tm already doing 5g stand alone. It’s already in trial phase. They just sign collab with LADA in langkawi

I think it’s okay to use robots, can ease the student so he or she can spend time studying

that’s great, more satisfy using tm line compare to others telco line which are slow

Yea i used maxis once the line always unstable & slow like snail. Very dissapointed

I think other telco should focus on their 4g rather than trying to do 5g cause they have no infra

But they still their best for us during in the 4G, i think still everyone need them too

Stand alone… well how good is the line for TM??

Wow, there is fast , thats mean langkawi can try the fastest speed right??

Well for stand alone, they must be have own infra, so all Malaysian can enjoy the fastest speed ever

Wow thx for your info, is so glad we can use 5G …

Bagi saya useful sangat but benda tu mahal sangat huhu takut dorg tak mampu nak beli yela student kan

sekarang dah ada robot yang guna internet je but kena internet yg high speed la huhu

5g tu TM jeke yg buat? Telco lain tak buat ke?

Thank you guys for your opinions on this! And i agree i guess its better that the vacuum with 5g technology will function efficiently. Hoping for the future to be like that, easy for everyone then :slight_smile: