[Q] Should I choose Broadcast Communication in UPM?

You see, broadcasting seems like a very promising industry nowadays. this is just a question from me; WILL IT BE PROMISING if I choose to study Broadcast Communication in UPM? I mean promising as in will I be exposed to the real industry and have high possibility in getting hired in the industry?

Why does where do you study actually effect? Isn’t it actually depends on how well you perform on your field of study?

Hey there. A Broadcast Communication student in UPM here. :smile:

Well, I cannot assure you that you’ll immediately get a job industry right after your graduation, but as long as you got the quality, there’ll be no excuse to not be accepted in the industry.

To know more about broadcast communication in UPM, you can go to SIMPLE GUIDE and CAREER CHOICES, a topic that I recently posted.

You can make your choice then. :slight_smile:

From a friend of mine, I can see that she actually get intact with real industries for her assignments. She also said something bout seminar and talks from the industry people. If you found it was great, then it will be promising to you.

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