Planning Tips in College

Guys, don’t wait till it’s too late - and you realize you can’t graduate on time. Not many people discuss about this, but planning is super important in college. My only advice to incoming juniors, is to “Plan ahead!”.

Just so you know :

  • Sometimes, classes fill up fast - and you might need to wait another year for the same class
  • We have to arrange the order of subjects
  • We have to schedule the timings nicely
  • We need to allocate a sem for internship/ Final Year Project

Y- Table can fix that! So, in UCSI, what I did was to visit my faculty and get the “Y-Table” of my programme. It’s basically a list of courses offered each semester for three consecutive years. Then, I sat down with my friends and planned out the courses we’d like to take for each semester.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask your faculty if you’re having any questions or uncertainties too! If there’s any chance that you face a time-clash problem in your final semester, you can always bring it up to your faculty and they’ll adjust the class schedules accordingly.

Take a peek at our Y-Table here. (You would see some of my scribbles and marks left from the past planning.)

Hope this tip helps you when you become a student here in UCSI. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other concerns about your future university journey! I’ll be more than willing to assist. =)

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Hi, this is really helpful for me to plan for the subjects to take in the coming semester. Thanks for your advice, I will request one of this with my faculty when I enroll to UCSI.