Places to eat at UM

As far as food’s concerned, you can get variety especially in Perdana Siswa Complex, located at the corner opposite the UM Library which also offers many other facilities to students too. Prices are normally not a considerable factor. Generally, you can pay as low as RM4.50 for noodles to RM10 for a fillet fish. There’s another section, called ‘student mall’ where you can get non-local food, such as kebab, pizzas, and steak. The student mall has been closed for some time though, I’m not sure whether it would be operating as of the next semester. The below location is one of my favorite places to eat, today it was almost empty though as it can be seen- but of course it’s much busier other times.

Perdana Siswa is located at the upper left side of the map- beside UM lake on the map: