Picking Up Public Speaking in University

Are you interested in public speaking? Have you ever heard of Toastmasters? It is an organization which is suitable for university students like us to have a taste in speaking in front of a public. Personally, I have participated in one of the speaking sessions when I started entered the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

It was quite interesting in a way that basically the organizing committee would have set up a formal agenda where the events are usually systematic enough to be followed by everyone. Normally it is started with prepared speeches and then Table Topics.

I went for their first session and I am required to pay RM5 as a guest fee. However, the RM5 would then be returned to you if you managed to win in the Table Topics session. Basically, Table Topics is where you will need to try out impromptu speaking for 5 minutes. You go out to the front, the topic will be given to you on the spot and then boom, you should try presenting that topic for the next 5 minutes. I tried, and (obviously) I did not manage to win that session.

But, I think it is a good thing for people who favor speaking and who want to learn how to speak in a formal manner, you should probably try out Toastmasters and I think that although you can sign up for any Toastmasters Club nearby your area. Joining the Toastmasters club at the University of Nottingham Malaysia really gives you some benefits as a student.

You can also try out the speaking module which is one of the modules in the Nottingham Advantage Award. It trains students to speak, I find it not bad.