Photography Clubs/Class

Is there a photography club in UM? Or photography class?

Hi there!

I currently study at UM and my major is BSc in Geology. Given my subject of interest, I’m not certainly sure for the correct answer.
I reckon opting for Bachelor of Arts is a sure-fire way so that you can select a concentration in photography.
For sure, you receive extensive classmate and faculty critiques and are given the chance to publicly exhibit your work, while learning the technical side of photography.
Their foundation studies include:
Foundation in Biological Sciences, Foundation in Built Environment ,Foundation in Physical Sciences, and Special Preparatory Program to enter Japanese Universities.
I don’t think their foundation programs are related to photography at all, though you can find art and design in Built Environment.
As far as I’m concerned, the best choice for photography is Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Art. UM’s “ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES” would suit you best I think, where they have dozens of arts programs to choose from.
Given my above mentioned advice, definitely search their website and contact them to get your specific answer. If still unsure, I can ask them directly once I’m there. #worldstagemy



Thank you! I appreciate you help very much. I would find out more on UM’s “ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES" in that case :slight_smile: I was just wondering if they had like an extra curricular class where no credit hours will be counted. Students can take it for fun - to brush up skills.

My friend took this mentorship class in Mont Kiara and the mentors really helped him find a niche where he can stand out. I think the name of the Facebook Group is Photography Malaysia. Go check it out.