Performing Arts!

If you are a performer, if you like performing or if you are even having a slight interest in what performing arts are about, you can check out in the University of Nottingham Malaysia, because they certainly do have some platforms when it comes to staging.

Right here, I will be listing some platforms based on what I know, so if you have any additional information, please do add on the list so that anyone in our community will be able to get in touch with the organizations or groups.

  1. UNM Music Society

If you are keen to join the choir, orchestral and even to be involved in a band, try joining the UNM Music Society. I joined the club before when I was in my foundation years, and personally, I think that it is a great start. (However, I’m not a performer, just a part of the events team in helping facilitating events)

  1. UNM Dance Club

To any dancers, you should pretty much try out joining to be part of the dance family in the UNM, they own their widely spaced dance studio and I believe that there isn’t a better platform in the university when it comes to different genres of dancing. I heard that the club has its annual biggest event when it comes to dancing as well.


I do not have too much knowledge on this segment, but I heard that it is considered to be part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. They do have the annual famous play going on, and it’s one of the biggest musical play in the UNM. Every year, they would be recruiting actors, actresses and production crew to help out to make this event a great success. If you are keen, you should really try out and see what’s rolling there.

Yesh!! The only things to entertain us when studies are just too boring… I hope those clubs lower down their ticket prices for their events though

The things that cost the event aren’t cheap, bro…

But they have to consider that we are just students, lol