Part Time Physiotherapist for almost graduate student - Nearby IMU

Hi ,
This is an exciting project. Hazel is 10 years old and trains almost everyday. She has sport science, sports psychology , chiropractor , physical trainer & sports nutrition She has train 1pm to 10pm. She wants to be the best in the world. Her coach is the no.1 coach in Malaysia with 54 state players and 15 entered our national team. Now he is training her almost everyday. There is a good chance Hazel will make it to the top. Hazel used to be no.1 gymnastic in her school and she has 6 abs and selected for state but switch to badminton. She is doing very well progressively.

Unfortunately her knee and muscle sore is letting us know she cannot cope with the amount of exercise. She has physio but they are not committed to Hazel’s development. We want someone to study and be a family member team to ensure Hazel reach the pinnacle of the sport. Contact ISN (Institute Sukan Negara) , badminton physio tem and learn what is needed to cater for Hazel’s grueling need.

She needs physio just like any professional athlete and she lives in bukit jalil. Nearby IMU. When Hazel competes internationally , you will be given free accommodation, flight to international tournaments. She is international ready by next year 2022. We are also offering RM20,000 for 1 year. Only female applicants

If interested please contact
Gavin Whatsapp 0123896600