Parking issues at INTI Subang

Depending on your college/ university, the campus parking experience can be awful. Some colleges/ universities do not prepare campus parking lots for students, even if they do, parking spaces provided might not be sufficient enough.

So, how do you solve parking issues in your college/ university?

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Can you tell us about parking options at INTI Subang?

I’m sure this would be interesting to students considering applying to INTI Subang.

These are the few parking option at INTI Subang:

  1. MPSJ Multi Storey Car Park (charging per hour rate)
  2. Menara Rajawali beside INTI (charging per hour rate)
  3. Parking spaces beside shop lots (RM0.50/ hour) *cheaper than option 1&2
  4. SS14 (connected to SS15 with a pedestrian bridge)

Most students do not mind paying the parking fees (as we really need to park our cars, and tq no summon please), but the problem is, it’s really hard to look for a parking space, especially 11am onwards. Plus SS15 can be jammed up most of the time.

For those who are considering to study in INTI Subang, get yourself a bike please. You can park your bike in INTI :smiling_imp: