Palm Oil Student Ambassador Programme in UCSI

It was such a great honour to have YB Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries and other guest speakers to be with us last week!

The Palm Oil Student Ambassador Programme was held by Youth Beyond Boundaries in collaboration with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) to promote youth advocacy of palm oil as a major commodity in our country.

The talks and exhibition have given us valuable insights into the health benefits and current issues faced by the palm oil industry.

Now, it is our turn to play a part! Students are free to sign up as a Palm Oil Student Ambassador to help sustain the palm oil industry, which is vital to the economic and social development of Malaysia.

The roles of ambassadors are mainly to assist when MPOC needs help with activities under the programme.

If you were a student in UCSI, would you join the programme? Why?


I would be interested to join because it’s a good platform for students that are part of the programme to be exposed to various industrial experiences by meeting new people through events organised by MPOC.