OWL Espresso Cafe in SS15

SS15 is known as food haven because of its many eateries. Since INTI International College Subang is located there, it is a strategic area for the number of restaurants and cafes about. As a student in INTI Subang, I find convenience in finding where to eat for lunch. Recently, I went to OWL Espresso Café. It is situated at Rajawali Building, which is a stone’s throw away from the college campus. The interior of the café was well designed and had a calming and cosy effect. Students can come to the café to wind down. What makes OWL Espresso Café’s menu different from others is that they serve Korean cuisines such as ramyun and bingsu. However, I craved for the toast they had on their menu. I also ordered their aglio olio pasta. In my opinion, the toast could’ve been better as it was quite soft but the aglio olio pasta was good, and it had a satisfactory amount of portion. Furthermore, the café had friendly staff and good service. I would definitely come to OWL Espresso Café again to relax my mind and explore their menu.