Overcoming communication barriers within assignment groups

Let’s admit it, we’re always trying to stick with our friends when it comes to forming assignment groups, but things don’t always go as we wish. While we’re certainly willing to accept other course mates as our group members, there are times when communication barriers get in our way towards team efficiency.

This is often true when one or more of the group members are from different nations. From language barriers, cultural differences to simply different communication channels used (some members might not get used to checking their Whatsapp regularly), communication becomes increasingly difficult between group members.

This might affect not only the overall workflow, but also the quality of the completed assignment itself.

Other than having more frequent face-to-face discussions or directly calling the members, is there any other ways on resolving this kind of issues? Please share with us if you’ve got any tips!


Since English is an international language where everyone can at least speak, I would suggest using only English to communicate with all the members be it face to face discussion or via calls. By using English, everyone can understand what everyone is trying to express, thus leads to no communication barrier.

Most international students that have decide to study in Malaysia usually learn English as it is an international language where most people can speak and understand. Therefore i do not think that communication would be a real problem. As mentioned that some people do not use certain communication channels like WhatsApp therefor it would be better to have group meetings. But the problems frequently faced by groups when a group meeting is organized is some members do not turn up because most meetings that students do not have a objective and outcome thus most people would not go for the meeting as they would find it useless. In conclusion the language barrier is almost neglect able as most international students know English and have meetings with your group members with an objective and outcome.

In this case, we can try to be accommodating to overcome cultural differences.
If our friends from different nations have cultural requirements, we can try to accommodate their needs into our assignment schedule. We can try to keep an open mind and understand each other. Try to respect and embrace cultural differences. Thus, the assignment can be carried on more efficiently and effectively when we respect and know each other well.

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