Off-Campus Accommodation: Univillage

I would like to discuss one of the off-campus accommodations which happened to be one of the top choices for students as well and why you would like to check on it too.

  1. On-campus is limited to a quota

I spent my fresher’s year staying on-campus and I find it great, it is extremely convenient when the classrooms re just a few minutes walk away from your room. However, the demand for on-campus rooms are extremely high and this is when you might want to consider staying in the Univillage instead.

  1. Security

If you can’t stay on-campus, which off-campus accommodation would you pick? Personally, I tried asking around even for the TTS areas, and the common issue which was raised is security. There are certain areas which are really guarded well with the securities but there are also cases of break-ins but for me, I am not particularly a risk-taker.

But, all in all, there are the pros and cons, as the rental would be slightly higher due to compensation for their security and good room conditions.


Personal opinion is that is overrated and is expensive